Written Testimonials 






My session with Dr. David was wonderful, and continues to work wonders.
I was so very comfortable and relaxed, and was so surprised that I was there so long, to me it seemed such a short time.  Thereafter, and still, I feel very whimsical; like with very little effort I'm able to tread lightly.  I feel as if the things that I'm working on that feel very challenging are met with my abilities to attempt resolve, but not with the heavy handed squeeze that I'm used to experiencing in heart and mind.  In this way I don't get so overwhelmed, leading to ushering in stress. I believe I'm treating myself and my matters more delicately, stopping to smell the roses so to speak.  Also,I learned some things that I suspected to be true, confirmed.   Learned some brand new things as well that shed light on my movements this lifetime.  This was a very valuable experience. Gratitude.

Rukiyah A.

My experience with hypnotherapy was amazing. The session really aided me in letting go of things that no longer serve me, as well as making sense of connections in this lifetime.
I’m a constant thinking, so prior to the session I wondered if I would be able to relax enough. I was immediately at ease with David…He explained the process so well. David is extremely professional and has such great, calming energy. I’m so grateful for the insight that I gained. I would certainly recommend his services! Such a wonderful experience!

Peace and Love,

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